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Latest and Easy Method to Install CPANEL and WHM on Amazon Web Services

To Install CPANEL and WHM on Amazon Web Services

As we all know that amazon providing the many web services like Virtual Private Cloud(VPC) , Amazon EC2 instances, database and other web-services free for one year.Many of the users avoid this amazon web services because they don’t have the proper information to set up and usage of the amazon web-service.So here comes now i am going to show you complete steps on the latest and Easy Method to install CPANEL & WHM on Amazon Web Services.To Install CPANEL and WHM on Amazon Web Services Login into your amazon aws account or create the new account.

Latest and Easy Method to Install CPANEL & WHM on Amazon Web Services
Latest and Easy Method to Install CPANEL WHM on Amazon Web Services 2015

Follow the step by step instructions as in the below.Click on the required steps to expand its sub-settings.

Step 1 :- Creating “VPC” Service. (Takes 2 mins of time)

Step 2 :- Creating Security Group for your VPC.  (Takes 2 mins of time)

Step 3 :- Creating EC2 instances and launching it. (Takes 5 mins of time)

Step 4 :- Creating Elastic Ip for your Instances. (Takes 1 mins of time)

Step 5 :- Set the rules in Security Group for EC2. (Takes 2 mins of time)

Step 6:- Download the putty, putty-gen and Create Private key. (Takes 5 mins of time)

Step 7 :- Connecting with your EC2 instance SSH and Setup CPanel/WHM. (Takes more than 70 mins of time here cpanel/whm installation itself takes around 40 to 60 mins of time,So please be patience).

Finally you can get the Cpanel/WHM on amazon web server free for an year 😉 with in 100 mins =D .

If you have any doubts please comment below…..


For clear visual instructions watch the Below video 

Part 1 :- Installing CPANEL and WHM on Amazon Web Services


Part 2 :- Installation and SET up of cpanel/whm on amazon web server


Part 3 –  how to install cpanel for your domain usings amazon AWS EC2 VPS WHM Panel


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  1. hi
    Thanks for uploading this video. But I came across some problem I hope you can help me.
    Actually I installed amazon cpanel WHM AMI image that uses amazon linux server. After this I followed steps shown by you. On setting up WHM it asks for fqdn hostname where you entered host.smartzworld.com but I dont have any such domain till now. What should I do. What I did was I created free domain on on dot tk website and used it. But now What nameservers I should use. You used ns1.smatrzworld.com but didn’t specify its IP why? I think you have already setup nameserver in your godaddy account. So I have to set nameserver so can you tell me what ip should I use to point nameserver. Now whm using bind nameserver so should i point nameserver to this server ip. If yes where should I point second nameserver. I have created account and can use these accounts at ip/~username but domain name is still not working. It shows name resiolution error.
    So basically I want to create the domain using free domain provider dot tk and have to set nameserver such that I still dont have a domain to specify servers hostname. I am working on this for 3days. I would really appreciate your help. Thanks

  2. Hi Kapil ,

    – Don’t use dot tk domain names for these process.
    – Get the Free .in domain from zoho.com
    – host.smartzworld.com Its just a example i used my domain name. you can use your own domain like example ( host.yourdomainname.com )
    – Don’t Change the Name servers, Go to your Domain DNS settings and in that add your amazon server ip as shown in the part – 3 video above.

    Try it and info me

  3. DNS which I put in the fields to point this resale?


    How to configure?

    • Its your wish, use the default one or you can change it as (ex: ns1.domainname) but point make sure that you are using the Server IP address in your domain DNS.

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